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What we do

We are more than just a class!

Here at Lollitots we offer a variety of classes to cover ages from birth up to 5 years. Our small classes not only work closely on babies physical development, but also emotional and social development too. Throughout our courses you can expect a soothing atmosphere with singing, sensory play, parent chat, continuous online support, relaxed babies and toddlers and lots of massage and yoga!

Lollitots is a great place to meet other new like-minded parents whilst having a relaxing moment of Zen. We provide a calming and supportive environment where all your worries and anxieties can be left at the door. Our sessions are run in various venues across Bridgnorth, Wolverhampton and Walsall which gives a wider range of families the opportunity to enjoy our classes and we also offer 1-1 sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Online support

All parents who complete any of our courses will be invited to join our private Lollitots parent support group on Facebook. This group is for parents to keep in touch and support each other throughout their classes and after. This group is not only to stay connected and up to date with Lollitots news, but for families to share their general parenting experiences – any baby chat welcome! Sometimes you just want a chat right? Tell us about your day, share with us anything you like, we are here for you to support you through your little ones early years!

The health and safety of all attendees is paramount, therefore we are infection control trained and follow all current government guidelines as well as our own venue cleaning schedules and procedures to host a covid-19 safe environment to our families. 

Baby Massage

Baby massage is a simple but effective positive touch activity which has numerous benefits for you and your baby.

Baby Yoga

Baby yoga incorporates over clothes, infant massage, breathing techniques, songs, sensory play and gentle stretching for parent and baby.

Toddler Yoga

Toddler yoga weaves basic yoga-inspired poses into story time and sensory play. A fun and engaging class for both toddlers and parents.

Lollitots Classes

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Infant massage is a natural approach to help soothe and calm your baby. Massage is one of the easiest and most pleasant methods of providing early positive interaction through unique bonding, fun, trust and relief whilst incorporating nurturing touch and reflexology.
Our baby-led massage sessions begin with breathing exercises to calm parent and baby and then follow with a guided demonstration and explanation of positive touch. As we go along you will copy your instructor and be taught the benefits of each stroke you learn. This 45-60 minute class is full of massage techniques to soothe and calm baby, lots of eye contact with your little one, tummy time and singing of nursery rhymes to keep those beautiful babies smiling. Also not forgetting when the session comes to an end there is always time for a hot drink and opportunity to chat with the group (often lots of sleep and weaning talk) this is the perfect time to build relationships with other parents.

All mats are provided for use in class and If you are booked onto a block course you will receive Lollitots organic baby massage grapeseed oil to use throughout your sessions, a handout of all strokes you have covered over the course duration as well as a certificate of attendance at your baby graduation.

Each week you will learn a massage routine for different parts of the body and their benefits. Each session we will recap what you have previously learnt leading to our last session of the course your 'baby massage graduation' where we will cover the full body routine including legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms face and back. 

What are the benefits?

Baby massage is a simple but effective activity which has numerous benefits including better quality sleep for baby(which ultimately means better sleep for you), aids digestion leading to wind, colic, constipation and reflux relief, joint flexibility, improved muscle tone and circulation great for hypotonic and premature babies, teething pain relief and more.

Our baby massage classes offer a special experience for you and your baby. Our key focus in this class is focused on bonding and positive touch. Some parents feel an instant attachment to their babies and others may not-this is completely natural and more common than you would think. Bonding Is a process which occurs over time and doesn’t have a certain time limit. Our classes accommodate a secure environment for you to have quality one to one time with your child and feel confident holding and massaging your baby to help you progress with this bonding process. Skin-to-skin contact produces oxytocin hormone known as ‘the love hormone’ this is released during your positive touch experience also enhancing your bonding process.



Lollitots offer 1-1 story massage sessions up to age ten years online and at home. We may also sometime incorporate the story massage programme into our classes and workshops.

Story massage offers a fun and fully inclusive way of combining the benefits of positive touch through over clothes massage with story, rhyme or song. During story massage we use ten easy to recognise symbols for our massage strokes making it fully accessible for all ages and abilities. This approach can be used adult to child, child to child, child to adult or adult to adult. It is popular in a variety of settings, including schools, care homes, special schools, after school clubs, family centres, hospices and of course the family home.

Positive touch through storytelling can be used on any area that is accessible and appropriate for the person so it can be applied to the shoulders, back, arms, head, face, legs, hands and feet, all areas which are non-intrusive. No oil is used so clothes do not need to be removed. Movements are safe and can be adapted to suit varying personalities and temperaments.

What does a Lollitots 1-1 story massage course consist of?

This course is completely tailored to you. During your course promoting positive touch and language development, Depending on your childs age and abilities our session will include learning massage strokes relating to stories, interests, experience or emotional feelings of your child, parent and child will have the opportunity to practice on eachtoher and enjoy the bonding sensation of positive touch. We will also sing songs and you will be sent a copy of all the stories and stokes we practice in your lessons as well as plan outlines to enjoy making your own stories too.

Benefits include;
-improved calmness and concentration
-increased self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem
-improved social skills
-increased engagement in activities
-better communication
-building respect and positive relationships.



Self care is a necessity, not a luxury

A question a lot of people ask us..

What is Baby Yoga?

Lollitots baby yoga is a yoga inspired class using gentle stretches and movements for parents to practice with their baby.
It is a great extension class to follow infant massage as it is suitable for babies up to pre walking.
Lollitots baby yoga incorporates over clothes, infant massage, breathing techniques, stretching and movements for parent and baby, rhymes, actions and sensory play. The perfect balance of stimulation and relaxation!
Many of the movements used have been around for centuries and have their roots in traditional Indian culture.
Baby yoga is a fun for everyone activity which can be used in your daily routine at home with many benefits and is great for involving siblings and other family members too!
This class encourages mindfulness and increases body awareness, helping to build a lifelong pattern for exercise.
Baby yoga is a fun class to connect with your baby and offers opportunity for socialisation in groups.
Classes are baby-led and encourage parents to have confidence in their own parenting instincts and their ability to meet the needs of their child.
Parental support and well-being is an important feature of our baby yoga course. Sessions begin with breathing exercises, over clothes, massage and gentle stretches and end with sensory lights or bubbles for the babies and a guided relaxation for parents the perfect way to have a moment to relax in the middle of a chaotic week. In comparison to our baby massage course, parents are more physically involved in yoga as the stretches are for both parent and baby to practice together. As a group we focus on mindfulness and positive affirmations helping to clear the mind- each session we will work with a new mantra to set us up for a productive day ahead.

SO for those moms and dads who are wondering *do we need to be into yoga? *I’m not sure I’m a yoga type person- the answer is NO! Although this is a yoga inspired class and has more involvement for the parents than infant massage you do not need any yoga experience and all are welcome! It is a fun, interactive class, including light exercise (stretching movements) full of lots of giggles and relaxation.

You can attend Lollitots baby yoga from age 8 weeks up to 18 months. It is imperative that you have had babies 6-8 week check with the GP or health visitor before attending. We find that most parents attend classes with their babies from around 8 weeks up until the babies parent and are walking away (around 12 months) Although the techniques can be used with older babies and toddlers up to 18 months.



Toddlers are natural little yogis! Many adult yoga poses imitate what a toddler naturally does! In our toddler yoga sessions we enhance the toddlers natural abilities, building and strengthening them, it also therefore brings the adult back to the inner child and back to the flexibility of a toddler. Toddler yoga is suitable from age 2 up to 5 years. Although children become more independent by this age we still encourage parents to join in and get involved in the class to encourage the little ones and build their confidence- also its great fun!

Our sensory and yoga-inspired class is a great way of introducing young children to stretches, movements, stories, songs, relaxation and sensory play and its many benefits. Our course weaves basic yoga-inspired poses into story time and sensory play making it fun and engaging for both toddlers and parents.

This session is a little more upbeat than the younger groups as we know that at this age we have lots of wrigglers and runners! We will begin with breathing exercises to calm the group followed by warmup stretches. The main focus of the session is our story time which will be themed differently each week and this is where our yoga poses will come in, relating to our story. Finally finishing with a relaxing guided meditation for all with sensory lights and bubbles.

This course is designed with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) in mind and can help to support language, communication and literacy though story telling and song, physical movement through yoga-inspired moves, mathematics through shapes and counting, understanding the world through sensory play and expressive arts in our movement based classes.



Our Lollitots luxury spa session gives you the ultimate spa experience for you and your baby that you deserve. We all know how much as adults we love a spa day and that soothing atmosphere of total relaxation with a warm dip in the water and an oily massage and facial so why not treat your baby to that experience too!

These sessions are booked as a single session but you can attend as many times as you wish as your baby will have a different sensory experience each time you attend as they develop and grow. This is a peaceful small class suitable for pre-crawlers where you can be as sociable or as unsociable as you wish, the main focus is interaction between YOU and your BABY.

On entry of your spa session you will be greeted with calming sounds and soothing lighting which will bring you to an oasis of serenity as you sit down at your station. To begin and bring you into a complete sense of calmness we will practice breathing exercises which will leave you with an immense feeling of zen before we start with baby bath time, this is the perfect beautiful moment to enjoy the stillness of being quiet and close with your baby. You will bath your little ones in their individual bathtubs and have the opportunity to weigh baby, join in with songs and play with bubbles stimulating all of baby’s senses. After bath time babies will be wrapped in cosy robes and turbans provided by Lollitots to dry them off and get warmed up for their massage. To follow you will have a guided demonstration of baby leg massage and then babies will enjoy as relaxing facial massage before finishing off with a guided relaxation for parents and a super cute photo shoot where we will capture a unique photo of your baby with Lollitots spa props in their spa robe, turban. You will receive a photo and certificate of attendance to take away with you to remember your tranquil baby spa experience.

All you will need to bring is your changing bag with usual items(nappy, wipes, bottle etc you know the drill) a small towel and blanket apart from that Lollitots provide you with everything needed to immerse yourselves into your relaxing experience including a warm baby bath, baby scales, a comfortable mat and cushion, organic massage oil, baby robes for class use and photo props. 


Our 1-1 classes are either online or in the comfort of your own home and each session is planned to suit your individual needs. Each class will be adapted to be age appropriate and designed specifically for the family we are working with. Our aim in our 1-1 sessions is to get to know you and focus on improving specific areas to help achieve your goals. All 1-1 sessions of massage and yoga available up to 5 years and story massage for children with SEN available up to age 10.

Why we do It

Becoming a new parent is a massive developmental life milestone, amazing, but a big personal change, different to life as you knew it. There are many reasons parents can sometimes feel alone, maybe they have had children at a different time to their friendship group and feel left out as they're now up every hour through the night changing and feeding instead of out partying. They might now be only spending money on baby essentials instead of going on lavish shopping sprees and so feel none of their friends can relate to their topics of conversation. It may be that they have moved to a new area and with juggling caring for the kids, house chores, work, deciding what to cook for dinner and general life they don’t know where to even start with socialising and making new friends.

There are many other reasons too and this is exactly why I wanted to start Lollitots. I am passionate about bringing parents together and I wanted to give something to communities a little more than ‘just a Playgroup’. I aim to bring families together in a blissful calming environment to have a little peace from their busy days where they not only have fun, but learn a skill which is beneficial to their baby as well as themselves and to provide a secure place to make friendships and bond with others going through the same emotions of parenthood.

Lollitots sessions are carefully planned to meet the needs of all families attending and I am continuously looking for opportunities to take further training to develop my knowledge and skills to pass on to you!

So I trained, studied ALOT, read ALOT and here we are, our forever growing family of Lollitots!


Why we do It



Me and my then 6 week old Charlie attended a 5 week course with Lauren at Lollitots at the Lower Penn venue. From the off Lauren was incredibly welcoming and reassuring.
Lots of toys and equipment available for the babies, refreshments and an environment made to relax in. Charlie loved his massage and I feel really educated on ways to calm him as well as helping with wind, constipation, blocked sinuses and growing pains. Thanks so much Lauren hopefully see you next year!



On Saturday, me and my 7 month old baby had our first baby massage class with Lollitots. Lauren was so lovely and reassuring, the whole class went by so smoothly and it was really enjoyable! I haven’t been able to attend and baby classes due to covid so it was a lovely bonding time with my little one. I would recommend Lollitots to anyone as classes can be done over zoom so you can learn and enjoy whilst being in the comfort of your own home. It was a great experience that has given me the confidence to try out other classes and to practice these massages before bed time. Lauren also clearly explained what to do, why we do it this way and the health benefits for baby. Amazing!





Per session PAYG

Block booking (save money when booking a full course program)




Per session PAYG

Includes class and one item of Lollitots clothing (babygrow/toddler T-shirt/bib)




Per session PAYG

Simplest, fastest and most effective flexible move

About Your Instructor

Here’s a little bit about me, your instructor, Lolli

I am Lauren the founder of Lollitots, Tots always find it easier to learn to say Lolli first which is where the name Lollitots comes from in case you were wondering!
I live in the west midlands with my partner and have worked in various childcare roles for the last 10 years from a nursery key worker to a private nanny working across England and France, to volunteering in Argentine slums to help provide better education for children in less privileged communities living in poverty. (A very eye-opening experience!)

To achieve my position as an instructor, I trained on highly valued courses accredited by the royal college of midwives. I am a fully qualified and insured infant massage, baby and toddler yoga instructor. I am an award-winning story massage instructor (best practice award winner 2020) - proud instructor moment! And also specialise in instructing infant massage to parents with twins.
On my journey to where I am now, I have gained many qualifications, including a cache childcare diploma, in-house nanny training, nvq beauty therapist qualification, anatomy and physiology and infection control training. I also always hold an up to date dbs check and paediatric first aid.
I love to socialise and always be involved in some kind of fitness, whether it be dance, gym or yoga so what better way of making friends than having my own little bunch of yogis! Our sessions are always welcoming and open to everyone – no cliques here! 

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